I sometimes want to make my simple SPD workflows email notifications like like the SPAlert emails.

[Show SPAlert email]

Now I made this the past and I’ve made it again. So this time I have to share this to you so I wont lose this template again :-D.

  1. Copy the template available in here.
  2. Update the following placeholders in the template.
    • [SITEURL] e.g. http://www.contoso.com without the trailing backslash ‘/’ at the end
    • [SITENAME] e.g. Contoso
    • [LIBRARYNAME] e.g. Reports
    • [FIELDNAME1] e.g. Category
    • [FIELDNAME2] e.g. Department
    • [MoreFields] e.g. MoreFields
  3. Minify your code. Minifying just means removing all line breaks and spaces. It’s very easy to do..
  4. Follow my blog article SharePoint 2010 Designer HTML Emails.

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  • 3 years ago · Reply

    Hi,I tried this 3 times. When I click OK in the Edit HTML dialogue box, the Recently Modified pooitrn of the Quick Launch. However, it only works while the page is still in the Edit mode. When I click Save and Close in the ribbon, the Recently Modified shows up again.Is there a particular order in saving or additional commands that will make this permanent?Will be very grateful for your reply. Thanks.

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