Sending HTML Emails can be frustrating when not done correctly. CSS formatting is lost when you view it inside your favorite email client. The level of support varies between email client but most of them works well with inline CSS. Now if you have finished creating you HTML Email you need to inline all your CSS. You can use Premailer for that. Premailer

  1. Go to Premailer
  2. Paste the HTML as the source. Make sure you use absolute URLs
  3. Copy the HTML result
  4. Use any text editor to replace all double quotes (“) into single quotes (‘)
  5. Minify your code. Minifying just means removing all line breaks and spaces.

Minifying code is a must with SPD HTML Emails. There’s a lot of online tools, and prettydiff is one, that can you help you do this. NotePad++ has this too by Menu->Edit->Blank Operations-> Remove Unnecessary Blanks and EOL.

That’s it! Follow my blog article SharePoint 2010 Designer HTML Emails.

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